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Doujinshi: Nozumi, Motome, Negaumono

Title: 希み、求め、願うもの
         Nozumi, Motome, Negaumono
Circle: Sarashina
Publication Date: 2006.08.12
Pairing : Shunsui x Nanao
Genre:Romance, rated G
Scans: RAW
Length: 30 pages

Brief summary: Nanao is disturbed by what she sees in a battle with Shunsui and other shinigami.  Nanao carries a tray outside.  She has been drinking.*  Matsumoto appears to help Nanao; they talk, laugh, fight, and Matsumoto comforts Nanao.  She leaves Nanao alone, who has some difficult thoughts and loses consciousness.  She regains awareness while being carried by Shunsui.  She struggles and they both fall.  They talk and fight; Nanao hugs him from behind.  They talk further, and he hugs her.

The file is a .zip, the scans are by me and they are raw, so please forgive any quality issues.  If anyone wants the HQ scans, I have those, let me know.

*If anyone has any clarification on the summary, or anything to add/change, please let me know.  I don't read Japanese, so this is just my best guess at the events of the doujinshi.

ETA August 2012: I've uploaded new scans that I think are better quality.
Download here at MediaFire.

Thanks to kyliwolf for the correction of the name!

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