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Bleach Fanfic: Heart of Summer, Chapter 7

Title: Heart of Summer
Pairing: Shunsui/Nanao
Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Status: Complete, Chapter 7 of 7
Contains: Spoilers for the Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc, minor adult themes and content.
Summary: In the heart of summer, Shunsui seeks a kiss.
Notes: This is my final entry for the Week of Love giveaway happening July 6th - July 12th at shunsui_nanao.  My pieces are written as chapters for this story, and I'll be posting one chapter each day this week.  This concludes this light little story for summer--I had fun writing it, and I hope people enjoyed it!
Prompt: Hot Nights

Back to Chapter 1.

The party had shrunk in size yet become more boisterous in the hours since it had begun. It was after midnight, and the neat rows of torches burned while the band continued to play music, albeit in a desultory way.

Nanao rubbed the back of her neck. "I'm leaving now, Captain."

Shunsui turned to her. "I'll walk you home, Nanao-chan."

"Are you sure? This is your party. I don't think you can leave without a large fuss." Nanao shifted her weight to stand, but stilled when he laid a hand on her knee.

"I'm a master of escapes. No one will follow us." He grinned.

She opened her mouth to respond, but he'd moved faster than she could speak, and then they were well away from the Eighth Division, on a quiet street. "Yes, I'm sure no one will notice us vanishing into the air like that." She stepped away from the arm around her waist.

"These things aren't always about discretion, Nanao-chan. Sometimes you just need to make it clear that you don't want to be followed, which our exit said very strongly." He matched his pace to hers.

"'I'm leaving the party with my Vice Captain, don't follow me' was the statement you wanted to make?" She raised her eyebrow.

"'I'm leaving the party with lovely Nanao-chan, please don't disturb us' would be more accurate."

She sighed. "I suppose that's fine. It would be pleasant to have one night when we aren't disturbed." She smiled, a secretive lift of her lips.


She stopped walking, turning to him. "I want to see your garden at night. Will you take me there?"

He stared at her, surprised.

Her eyes dropped when he didn't respond right away. "I understand, it's late and –"

"I'd love to show you the garden at night," he interrupted before she could run away. His hands wrapped around her waist; her current outfit, although exquisite, restricted her ability to flash step well. "I'd love to show you anything," he murmured, close to her ear.

Her hands drifted up to his shoulders.

He took them to his garden at high speed. Her grip had tightened when they'd traveled, but she stepped back when they were standing on his garden path. He didn't release her, instead grasping one of her hands and leading her in an impromptu dance.

Her kimono restricted her movement. "I'm not dressed for dancing," she said.

"You're dressed beautifully." He smiled.

"Captain." She stopped moving with him.

He stilled. "Nanao-chan?"

Her hand slid to the back of his neck. He drifted towards her, but paused to look up at the sky.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I'm waiting for the sky to open and a downpour to fall out of nowhere."

She laughed. "Even if it did rain, we could just go inside. Those other moments weren't the right ones for us if they could be disrupted so easily." She leaned into him. Her eyes were brilliant and her lips wet in the light of the moon. "I think this is our moment, don't you?"

He bent until his lips were a touch from hers. "This is our moment."

Her lips touched his softly. Finally, he thought, smiling against her mouth. He returned her kiss, indulging himself in the feel and taste of her.

"It's still so hot," she whispered. "Take me inside?"

The night was warm, not unpleasantly so to Shunsui, but Nanao wore more layers. He swung her up into his arms, carrying her to the house. It was the kind of romantic touch he liked and it was faster.

He took off his sandals on the porch in front of his bedroom, Nanao stepping neatly out of her platform sandals. "I didn't get you a birthday present this year." She kissed him as he tried to open the doors with a minimal amount of attention.

"No?" he asked as he backed into his bedroom.

"No." Her hands pushed his hat and his pink haori off. "You have everything already, and you have money to buy what you don't have. That makes you very difficult to shop for."

"I'm sorry." His hands reached for her, but she turned her back to him.

"I thought that this would be better than an ordinary gift."

"You wrapped yourself up for me? You're right, this is better." He kissed the nape of her neck before focusing on the knot in her obi.

"It might take you a while to undo. Rangiku-san did a very complex bow."

"I'll get it." His hands worked industriously at the bow. "You think it's difficult to find gifts for me?"

"Exceedingly. It's either that you already have ten of something, or it would be too inappropriate to give a Captain, or some other issue arises. It's very frustrating."

Her obi finally came free in his hands. "I promise to break ten of something before my next birthday, to make it easier for you." He drew off her garments, piece by piece.

"That won't be necessary. There is an entire realm of gifts that will now be appropriate." She faced him, a pleased smile on her face.

"So you're starting this relationship with me to make your shopping simpler?" His hands caressed her bare shoulders and back.

"Of course not. It's just a side benefit."

"A side benefit of our relationship? Are there many of those?" He traced the line of her elegant collarbone with his fingers.

"I have a list. Not written, of course, only recorded mentally. I'll share it with you later, if you'd like."

"I'm interested." His hand slipped down her front, playing with her bare breasts a little.

"In order for this to be equitable, you should remove your clothes." Nanao's fingers tugged on his sash.

"I surrender my clothes to you in the name of equality, Nanao-chan," he said, letting her work at his garments. His clothes fell and he stepped out of his hakama, reaching for her.

"My kimono—" Her eyes darted to the pink fabric.

"Leave it." He cradled her face in his hands.

"I don't want it to be damaged."

"I'll buy you another." He pulled her close, savoring the feeling of her naked skin against his skin.

"I have a certain attachment to that one," she said, blushing slightly.

He smiled. She hadn't blushed when she'd taken his clothes off, but she had when admitting to sentimental feelings for his gift. He kissed her, lingeringly. "I'll take care of it. Wait for me." He winked at her.

She shook her head at him, but said, "Thank you."

He moved to the kimono, but his eyes continually returned to Nanao as she sat naked in front of a low table with a mirror, removing her hair ornaments. Hesitantly she took off her glasses, leaving them on the table.

She waited for him on the bed while he finished with the kimono. Nanao sat on her heels neatly, her hands folded in her lap, her posture straight and proud. Her hair fell loose around her face, framing her lovely eyes. He dropped down beside her on the bed. "I want to see this every day," he said. There was more to say, but she kissed him and pulled him down to her, and he went willingly.

Afterward he stroked her back in easy circles. She lay on her side, pressed against his chest. "I want to eat cold soba noodles." Her voice was relaxed but not sleepy. He was relieved she hadn't sprung up and dashed away after they'd made love.

"I'll see if I have something like that." He sat up, brushing her hair away from her face. "Will you stay?"

"Yes." She stretched and yawned, her lips swollen and pink.

"Nanao-chan." She met his gaze. "I want you to sit on the porch and read and drink tea."

She blinked. "Now? It's the middle of the night."

"Always. I want that, and I want to watch you take down your hair, and I want you here, always." He reached for her hand, rubbing her palm with his thumb.

She studied him for long moments, her eyes wide and then narrowing. Worry was a stone in his stomach. Had he pushed too hard, too soon?

"Yes," she said with a crisp nod and soft eyes.

"Nanao-chan?" His hand tightened on hers.

"Yes. I want that, too." She blushed and rushed on. "We'll want to establish some rules and make a list of what we both require in the relationship, of course—"

His mouth swallowed the rest of her qualifiers, but those words didn't matter right now; she'd repeat them later anyway, probably in writing. What mattered was her yes. Everything else could be worked out.

"My soba noodles," she protested as he kissed her neck.

"In a little while. Right now it's still my birthday." He rolled over with her playfully.

She sat astride him. "Technically your birthday ended hours ago. But the way you looked at me when I said yes to you—I liked that. So I'll say yes to you again." Her eyelids swept down, her cheeks pink.

"Nanao-chan is so lovely, so sweet—" her lips stopped his praise before he could finish. That was fine; there'd be time to tell her about his love later. She already knew, as he'd never kept it secret from her or anyone. He loved Nanao. He loved summer and shaved ice and bikinis and festivals, and now he loved his birthday, all because of her.

He'd stock up on soba noodles tomorrow; he was sure that he would love eating those with her, too.