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Bleach Fanfic: Heart of Summer, Chapter 5

Title: Heart of Summer
Pairing: Shunsui/Nanao
Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Status: Ongoing, Chapter 5 of 7
Contains: Spoilers for the Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc, minor adult themes and content.
Summary: In the heart of summer, Shunsui seeks a kiss.
Notes: This is my fifth entry for the Week of Love giveaway happening July 6th - July 12th at shunsui_nanao.  My pieces are written as chapters for this story, and I'll be posting one chapter each day this week.
Prompt: Ice

Back to Chapter 1.

Nanao selected a piece of ice from the bowl Rangiku had brought by earlier. She rubbed the ice against her neck, circling from one side to the other. Shunsui watched from his sleeping position on the sofa, his staring hidden by his hat.

The heat had reached record temperatures, according to the loud headline on the Seireitei Bulletin. He'd dropped most of his clothes to the heat, wearing only his hakama. He strongly suspected his state of undress was what had kept Nanao from dragging him off of the sofa to his desk for work.

But Nanao was not working, either. A drop of water slipped off of the ice in her fingers and rolled slowly down, kissing the dip of her collarbone and disappearing between her breasts. She sighed in a way that sent heat through his body that had nothing to do with the temperature.

Her dripping fingers returned to the bowl, selecting another piece of ice, which she slid into her mouth. He swallowed.

It was a delicious kind of torture to watch her this way, but he didn't think she'd enjoy his attention if he 'woke up.' She's spent most of her time since their date two days ago settling in the Division's new recruits. He hadn't pushed; he wanted her to be comfortable, he wanted her to choose him, unpressured, he wanted—

A small sound escaped her mouth as she sucked on the ice.

He wanted to have her on her desk, naked. She'd be sweaty and hot and wet, her delightful moans loud in his ears, her body welcoming him, her legs tight around her back—

"Do you want some?" she asked from her chair.

He startled. "Nanao-chan?"

"Do you want some ice? You've been staring for a while, Captain." Her fingers tapped the ice in the bowl, and her slender brow arched. He saw that the same playfulness she'd had the day he'd fed her shaved ice was in her eyes.

He grinned, rising from the sofa and sauntering to her desk. He leaned against the wood, next to her chair. "Nanao-chan is so generous, to think of me." He selected a small piece of ice and held it between two fingers. "I did want something," he said, leaning back towards her.

She twisted in the chair, facing him, her back against the arm of the chair. Her eyes were half-closed and watching him with an interest that he savored.

His fingers brought the ice to her lips. Her mouth opened, accepting the ice with a curl of tongue around his fingers. He withdrew his hand slowly, tempted to see if she'd suck on his fingers. She bit the ice with a sharp crack, mischief in her eyes, as if his thoughts had been spoken aloud.

But he'd liked it when she bit him at the festival. He smiled.

His hand dipped back into the bowl, choosing another piece of ice. He lifted the ice to her neck, tracing the same path she had earlier, but more slowly. His fingers caressed her skin as the ice lifted tiny goosebumps.

The ice was nearly melted when he returned to the dip of her collarbone, and he deviated down the front of her uniform. His wet fingers stopped, curious, when he felt the inside curves of her breasts instead of the bindings he'd expected. There was a fine silky garment over her skin and under her uniform. He weighed her bare breast in his hand, his cold thumb brushing her nipple.

She made a gasping little moan that sent his blood racing. He wanted to tease her breasts and devour the sounds as they left her lips, but instead he drew his hand back to the skin between her breasts. Slowly, slowly.

"You're not wearing any bindings." His eyes rose from the gap he'd made in her uniform top to her brilliant eyes.

"It was so hot," she said. Her tongue wet her lips.

"This is a serious deviation from uniform regulations, Nanao-chan."

She batted his hand away from her chest, her other hand skimming his chest lightly with her nails. "I cannot believe that you have developed a concern for uniform regulations, given how many deviations you have now."

He leaned into her touch, one of his arms resting on the back of the chair while the other boxed her in, his hand on the armrest she leaned against. "Any deviation from regulations should be taken seriously. That's what you would tell me, isn't it?"

Her hand slipped away from him. "My deviations are secret. Yours are very visible," she said, and her eyes dropped for the briefest moment to his hakama. Her cheeks shaded pink and her eyes skipped to the ice bowl.

But he'd seen her look, and that made him smile. "You're welcome to discover all of my deviations, Nanao-chan."

She scoffed, but her eyes didn't leave the bowl.

His hand tapped the ice. "Did you want some ice, Nanao-chan?"

Her eyes met his, narrowed. "I did want something," she said, her hand slipping up his chest and behind his neck. She pulled him down, her touch firm and cool on his hot skin. "We could just slide," she whispered, her eyelids fluttering closed.

Shunsui kept his open, wanting to capture as much of this moment as he could. He was so close he could see the moisture on her skin and the faint trembling of her upper lip as she anticipated his kiss. When his lips were nearly touching hers he closed his eyes.

The office door burst open. "Captain Kyōraku, Vice Captain Ise, the training rooms are on fire!"

"You've got to be kidding me," Shunsui murmured.

"Then put the fire out," Nanao said, pushing him away with the palm of her hand.

"Third Seat Enjōji tried, but the wind from his swords just made it worse, and it swallowed training room two, and the storage room is on the other side of training room one! We just unloaded the new fireworks for the summer party into that room this morning!" The young man spoke so fast his words jumbled together, but Shunsui and Nanao both rose when they heard 'fireworks.'

"This might really destroy half of the division," Nanao said when they reached the fire. Waves of stinging smoke washed over them.

He sighed with relief when the fire yielded to kidō by the two of them.

"Nanao-chan—" he began, but she waved him off.

"Third Seat, notify maintenance that we will need serious repairs on this part of the building, beginning tomorrow. All division activities are cancelled. Fourth Seat, block off this area. Everyone, evacuate the offices. The Eighth Division is closed for the day." She marched off, soaked from the water kidō and covered in soot from the fire.

Shunsui sighed, but without any relief. Was the entire universe conspiring against him? What would it take for him to kiss Nanao's lips? "I'll be at the Thirteenth." He held up his sopping hakama with one hand; it would not improve his day to be reported to Yama-jii for flashing the new recruits.

Tomorrow, he told himself. Tomorrow.

On to Chapter 6.